Sunday, July 03, 2005

Ill Will Hunting

Over at Orcinus, David Neiwert writes about hate in America, and his The Hunting of Liberals expands on his earlier writing about "eliminationist rhetoric." I poked fun in Who Wants to be a Traitor?, but he gives you good reason to take this traitor talk seriously.


Blogger bob said...

As chilling and ridiculous as that bumper sticker is, applying the logic of propaganda set down by Ornicus, I find comments comparing our troops actions to Stalin and Pol Pot equally absurd in their total disregard for proportion. Yes, we have big problems with the right in this country, yes the war was an incredible blunder, but saying things like that really does nothing to help our cause, it's just plain stupid.

The left needs to figure out how to present it's argument without pissing off and talking down to the average Joe or Jane in say Omaha...or Hotchkiss. Otherwise we'll be looking at a lot of red states for a long time to come.

6:02 AM  

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