Thursday, June 23, 2005

A Pre-emptive Strike, Domestic Version reports the latest pre-emptive strike by the Administration (technically, a pro-Bush group). This time it's not against Iraqis who haven't attacked America. It's against Democrats who haven't attacked Bush's Supreme Court nominee, who hasn't been named for a vacancy that doesn't exist.

A pro-Bush group fired the opening salvo - they call it "a warning shot" - in what threatens to become a multi-million dollar advertising and public relations campaign over a possible Bush appointment to the Supreme Court. The ad predicts "Democrats will attack anyone the President nominates," saying that " a Supreme Court nominee deserves real consideration, instead of instant attacks."

But this ad itself is an attack that goes beyond "instant" - it was launched without waiting for Bush to name a replacement for the ailing Justice William Rehnquist, or even for Rehnquist to say publicly whether or not he will retire as he is reported to be considering. And whether or not Democrats will criticize "anyone" Bush names can't be known for sure at this point - it may or may not turn out to be true.

To support its case, the ad cites editorial blurbs from Republican newspapers criticizing Democrats over their treatment of Supreme Court nominees in the past. But the ad fails to note that the blurbs were about the Robert Bork nomination fight that happened nearly 18 years ago.

Nothing like a couple heavy bombing runs to soften up the opposition.


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