Monday, June 20, 2005

Testosterone-Based Morality

But for the anti-gay-marriage activists, homosexuality is something to be fought, not tolerated or respected. I found no one among the people on the ground who are leading the anti-gay-marriage cause who said in essence: ''I have nothing against homosexuality. I just don't believe gays should be allowed to marry.'' Rather, their passion comes from their conviction that homosexuality is a sin, is immoral, harms children and spreads disease. Not only that, but they see homosexuality itself as a kind of disease, one that afflicts not only individuals but also society at large and that shares one of the prominent features of a disease: it seeks to spread itself.

I'd squirreled away some quotes from Russell Shorto's "What's Their Real Problem With Gay Marriage? (It's the Gay Part) for a later post," but Sideshow has done the commentary work for me. So here are the quotes.

''Lifestyle'' is a buzzword in conservative Christian circles. It's a signal of the belief, and the policy position, that homosexuality is not an innate condition but a hedonistic way of living, one devoted to partying, drugs and wanton sex that ends, often, in illness and early death. In 2004 the Family Research Council put out a book called ''Getting It Straight: What the Research Shows About Homosexuality,'' which purports to explode the myth that homosexuality is natural or genetic and puts forth an alternative theory that it springs from childhood abuse or other developmental factors. Chapter 4, ''Is Homosexuality a Health Risk?'' lines up studies and statistics to link homosexuality with cancer, alcoholism, mental illness, suicide and reduced life span, in addition to H.I.V./AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Finally, we've got a clear explanation about what marriage is all about and why it's threatened by testosterone-to-testosterone or estrogen-exclusive relationships.

''The homosexual community would have us believe that marriage is simply about loving one another,'' said Rick Bowers of Defend Maryland Marriage. ''I say it's about two human beings who are wired completely differently, one with estrogen and one with testosterone, living together in love but with the purpose of procreation. It's a lot deeper than love. So I can't see how someone could look on a same-sex marriage as marriage at all.''

These folks also have trouble distinguishing between getting a disease and being a disease.

Homosexuality [as imagined by the defenders of marriage] is not an innate, biological condition but a disease in society. Marriage is the healthy root of society. To put the two together is thus willfully to introduce disease to that root. It is society willing self-destruction, which is itself a symptom of a wider societal disease, that of secularism.


Blogger Kevin Ballie said...

I've always loved to say to those who argue that marriage is for procreation that they should advocate against gay marriage, but also against marriage for those over 60, marriage for those who have recreational sex, marriage for those who are not considering children, and marriage for those who simply don't want to commit to saying that they want children... wow that's a good 90% of current marriages already. The right wing has their work cut out for them, I mean they'll have to work on a LOT of consitutional amendments.

Great blog. Hope you can hit me back up.

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