Monday, June 13, 2005

Finding More Middle Ground

In the earlier post in response to shedding light on issues, I neglected to include discussion groups. That's because I don't participate in any formal groups or online discussions myself, so can't recommend them.

But I can recommend starting one yourself. There's a movement called study circles that encourages citizens to self-organize around an area of common interest.

According to the Study Circles Resource Center: "A study circle is a group of 8-12 people from different backgrounds and viewpoints who meet several times to talk about an issue. In a study circle, everyone has an equal voice, and people try to understand each other's views. They do not have to agree with each other. The idea is to share concerns and look for ways to make things better. A facilitator helps the group focus on different views and makes sure the discussion goes well."

Think of it as a book club, only where each member brings diferent reading and experience to the group.

The Resource Center has lots of examples and ideas for getting one started.


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