Monday, June 27, 2005

Addicted to Helping

I want it on record right now, should my computer fall into the wrong hands, I was only trying to help. All those links on my laptop to sites regarding serial killers and child sex abuse and conservative or liberal political affiliation were in service to informing readers of this blog.

Be it also noted that I am sorry I ever considered a connection between serial killing and any particular political persuasion that encourages sublimation of sexual desires. Rather than elaborate on this subject, let me leave you with one of the stories that seemed sadly typical, about a community leader whose massive subsidy of young women with drug problems helped dampen the county-wide rate of methamphetamine-related crime:

When [Richard A.] Dasen talked to police shortly after his arrest, he characterized his for-pay sexual activities with young women as "helping" them, according to a detective's affidavit that summarizes Dasen's conversation with police.

When a detective asked him to explain how he was helping the women, the affidavit said that Dasen replied that when he thought about it, he realized he was not helping them after all.

Dasen said, too, that he believes he has a problem, perhaps an addiction. But he added, according to the affidavit, that he believes he is more addicted to "helping" than to sex.


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