Sunday, March 20, 2005

Just Kidding, God

Okay, God, I got a little carried away.

I shouldn't have compared you to a firebug, even as a joke. But you see, when you don't respond except with random jerks and smiles and thunderclaps, I don't know if you're really there or it's just all coincidence.

But I think I get it. It's pretty hard to punish me even more, so you turned loose those Republicans. Threatening to have me come before them in Washington to testify. That was really scary. One of those guys used to be an exterminator and the other one claims to be a doctor. You can't really tell which is which by how they act, though.

Haven't they ever been in an ICU or a hospice? If they were really serious about their compassion for human life, they'd come to me, instead of treating me like some lying steroid-pumped millionaire baseball star. But those Congressmen want to be able to act in front of the cameras — tough one day, compassionate the next. But it's hard to get a good angle in here. You can see how mom has to pull my head around instead of moving the camera.

Still, I'd love to have the Congressmen come down here and ask me questions, and not leave until they get answers. I'd love them to talk to my real doctors. I'd love to let in the protestors outside to bring me a drink of water and watch it dribble down my neck.

Have they sat in a hospital room with someone who can't respond? Boring. Try lying here 15 years. I know that doesn't sound like much to you, God. But it is.

It really is enough.



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