Thursday, March 10, 2005

Roll Models

The latest in local millionaire news is that Mike Tice, head coach of the Minnesota Vikings, is reportedly under investigation for acting as an intermediary between his players and ticket scalpers. In what would be a violation of the NFL's Super Bowl ticket policy, Tice or his staff allegedly collected tickets from the players and sold them in bulk to scalpers.

Of course, everybody does it. And it no doubt provides a valued service to those high rollers who need show up at these overblown sporting events in order to feel like they matter.

I'm not sure which is more nauseating. That these highly paid players (median Viking player salary in 2003 was $608,500) buy tickets and then resell them at profit reported to be in $1,110 to $1,400 region — despite signing an agreement saying they won't. Or that they'd rather pick a up few extra bucks instead of attending the ultimate event in their sport.

I guess role models are entitled to fatten their rolls.


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