Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Promoting the Ten Commandments Lifestyle

[Yesterday, the Supreme Court heard oral arguments on two cases concerning display of the Ten Commandments on public grounds. One involved a monument at the Texas state capitol, the other, an exhibit at a county courthouse.]

Me, I'm agin' it on principle, but it don't bother me none in practice.

See, I come from a town that had one a them Ten Commandments right out in plain sight & I can't remember it botherin' me at all. Can't even remember it bein' there until the Righteous and the ACLU got into it, & the mayor didn't get re-elected over the deal. That's democracy. The people speak & even if they's kooks, they got rights, right?

Thin skin never pays.

I feel pretty much the same way about prayer in school & the Pledge of Allegiance. Builds character. I should know. I spent a year in high school doin' the invocation before every student assembly & I turned out all right. For those a you who grew up in the prayer-free era, an invocation starts out with Dear Lord & then goes into how we should be thankful & humble & use our talents & then you get to the Amen within a tolerable span. Better than Toastmasters, if you ask me, havin' to come up with somethin' halfway between original & platitudinous without lookin' like a total dork in front a your peers.

To the best a my knowledge, I didn't convert a soul & no one took it wrong, neither, so how much more proof do you need?.

Then senior year, I prayed for the football team before every game. It wasn't no religious thing, just a little extra preparation, like taking 25 more push-ups at the end a practice. We finished 5 - 5, which just goes to show you God don't take sides, assumin' the other teams was as good at prayin' as me.

Anyway, I was gonna say, official school prayer is okay by me as long as it's done by a cynical beer drinkin' non-believer who ain't gonna come around to your house with pamphlets later.

Every kid can say the pledge, under god & all, as long as they also learn that it was written by a socialist, at the instigation uva magazine bent on selling a promotional campaign to the 1893 World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago. The Knights a Columbus lobbied to get under god in there back in the '50s, so we ain't exactly dealin' with old testament writ here.

& the Ten Big C's all over the country? Put there as part a the nationwide promotional sweep by Cecil B. Demille for his movie starring the NRA's own Moses. See, I think it's good we have constant reminders in our schools & public places. By all means, let's not tear 'em down, let's use 'em to teach how the commercial interests in America have been usin' the rubes' faith like this for more than a century.


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