Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Faith-Based Program Just a Little Off-Base

Former Bush aide David Kuo went to work on the administration's faith-based initiative with high hopes. He leaves disillusioned with the "minimal commitment" from the White House, which has thus far delivered "approximately $6.3 billion less than the promised $6.8 billion."

Why should the President's follow through on this be any different from his commitment to combatting AIDS in Africa or increasing Pell grants? True to form, the President made a big promise during the 2000 campaign to raise Pell Grants from $4,050 to $5,100, then did nothing. Now, he's talking about moving to $4,550 over the next five years, a 12-percent increase. Meanwhile, average in-state tuition at public four-year universities, rose 10.5 percent to $5,132 in 2004, according to the College Board.

Certainly, Democrats were always suspicious of, if not outright hostile to, the faith-based plan. But it's revealing when a true believer leaves as a doubting Thomas. Read "Please, Keep Faith", along with other responses.

The Washington Post also covered the Kuo piece.


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