Sunday, February 20, 2005

Don't Bet on Red

The Washington Post reports that China's regime is once again cracking down on gambling, which was outlawed when the communists took power.

"Chinese law imposes fines and up to three years' imprisonment for people caught organizing gambling with the aim of making a profit, making a living by gambling or opening a casino."

The Chinese see gambling as a dangerous source of public corruption. Meanwhile in our state, Governor Pawlenty is readying a state casino plan and sees gambling as a politically palatable way to raise revenue.

The StarTribune reports, "On what was billed as a December trip to Edmonton to review schools, Pawlenty met privately with the Ghermezians [developers and majority owners of Bloomington's Mall of America] to discuss the mall proposal [to add a casino as part of $1-billion expansion]. Pawlenty and Bloomington's mayor and city manager also have been criticized for a lack of openness in meeting together about the proposal."

Of course, anyone who finds this whole business unsavory is just a commie.


Blogger bob said...

Doesn't it kind of piss you off that the MORALITY boys are trying to turn Minnesota into Nevada. Oh and quoting Syl Jones in the strib recently, "It's not about race."

8:19 PM  
Anonymous CRQ said...

David Brooks did a nice column this week on how morality, gambling, lobbying and graft have converged with neocon politics.

1:44 PM  

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