Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Not Too Late

If you write enough stuff and just keep on going, it's possible to forget your offspring and then be surprised to meet one coming around the corner. This could be a sign of humility or approaching senility.

That happened to me this morning, hearing the opening chords of a song on a compliation disk from a friend who'd put together some of our greatest non-hits written and recorded over several decades. I'm annoyed by those people in concerts who have to applaud at the first strains of a song to show what aficionados they are. They're like the jerks who have to be the first to break the moment of silence to whoop "You da man!" after Tiger Woods launches a drive or "In the hole!" a microsecond after the ball leaves the putter face.

One of my songs was playing and I could not be one of them. Although the Alhambra guitar riff was familiar, I couldn't whoop. My brain honestly couldn't come up with the lyrics or the song title until my own voice came in. I had gone through a long period of writing songs in A-minor, ones I indiscriminately categorized as "sweet protest" or "Latin leftie" in the ITunes genre column, and there were simply too many possibilities to consider.

It was, you will not be surprised to learn, an antiwar song, and I found myself listening to it rather than singing along. And because it felt like something sent from the heavens, it doesn't seem too much of a self-referential indulgence to quote it here.

Am G Am
All the king’s white horses and all the king’s pale men
Unleash hellfire round the world to save us all from sin
F E E7 Am F E7
They call it treason if we don’t say amen

But it’s not too late
It’s not too late to come in
F E Am
It’s not too late to come in from the dark
Am F G

Canary in the coal mine, ostrich in the sand
Don’t know where to lay your head, not sure where to stand
Lies and confusion are the language of the land

But it’s not too late
It’s not too late to come in
It’s not too late to come in from the dark

Dm C E E7 Am

Dm C Am E/E7

Words of masked destruction sound like words of peace
While surgical precision dissects the Middle East
Our cause is righteous; God grants His full release

Is it not too late?
Not too late to come in?
Not too late to come in from the dark?


Blogger Charlie Quimby said...

I left the chords above the lyrics, but see the spacing didn't transfer with the post. But you weren;t going to try to play it any way, were you?

7:59 PM  

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