Sunday, March 12, 2006

Life of the Mother: Framed into a Corner

This is a red-letter day for the pre-born children and their mothers.
- Troy Newman, Operation Rescue

The other night, it finally hit me. Exceptions to preserve the health of the mother. To save the life of the mother. Pre-born children and their mothers.

A good frame is one you don't even notice. It just sneaks right up and makes you wet between the ears, no questions asked.

What is a Mother? How does a woman become one?

A mother is a woman who has given birth to a child. A female parent in the animal kingdom. Earth Mother. Mother of all battles. To mother.

In the Roman Catholic Church, a mother superior is a woman who holds a position of nurturing authority similar to a mother's. Her title derives not from conception or even giving birth, but from the mother-like role she plays in the lives of others.

Birth mother is a term used to distinguish between a female who gave birth and the woman who is regarded as the real mother, the one who raised the child.

But to Troy Newman and his cohorts, a woman achieves motherhood the moment she conceives, and the united ovum and sperm becomes a child. In an instant, she loses her independent personhood, and all rights of individual determination pass to the cells in her womb. Unlike a real mother.

By adopting language such as "health of the mother," we buy into the pro-life frame, even when we think we are making a pro-choice exception. In effect, the fetal formation is anointed a child the moment we call the pregnant woman a mother. And the life of child should be sacred.

From now on, if I'm discussing those compromises in restrictive legislation, I'll be careful to say, "life of the woman."


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