Friday, March 10, 2006

So-Chi's Choice

My wife noticed this sweet little item about an article in Foreign Policy this morning. The summary is the Strib's:

Sexual frustration predicted for Asian men
...The problem [a shortage of Asian men] began 20 years ago, when ultrasound technology gave Asian women a cheap way to determine the sex of their unborn babies, writes Martin Walker, editor of United Press International. In China and other Asian nations, millions of women chose to abort female fetuses so they could instead give birth to boys.

Now we know da bitches always be wreckin' da cars, but to lay this "choice" on women in China seems quite a stretch, given that its culture places a higher value on males, and Chinese policy mandates only one child per couple.

Next, are we going to hear that women were behind the changes in the abortion laws refusing to make an exception for rape, incest and health of the mother? Surely men have nothing to with it.


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