Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Spyware Party Turns Goes Domestic

Polinaut, MPR's blog, reports on a Minnesota Republican Party stunt that manages to stir support for an anti-gay union amendment and violate the privacy of the very people they expect to support their initiative. (Via minvolved)

On Monday, the Minnesota Republican Party announced that it will send out CD videos on Friday to inform voters about the importance of a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage. It turns out the CD is also being used to add to the GOP voter database. Officials with the Republican Party say certain voter data is being collected by the party. Internet privacy experts say they're concerned that the party isn't telling the viewer that it's collecting the data and worry where the information will end up.

Don't just stop here. Read the associated links on the page, including this one. And for more on the fallout.

Watch for continuing coverage on this one.


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