Monday, February 27, 2006

Fun With Science

My last science fair exhibit was a bit of a botch that won me a personal audience with the middle school principal.

I mocked up a still, wrote something about prohibition, and finished it off with a barrel of booze represented by a baby food jar full of Schlitz. (For you young folks, that's an old brand of beer. My research had not taken me quite so far as to learn that beer was the product of fermentation, not distillation.) Now that I think about it, mine was actually more of a social science fair project.

So what should we call the science fair for the home schooled sponsored by the Twin Cities Creation Science Association? The TCCSA proclaims: "Unlike Many Secular Educators We Teach The Scientific Method!"

P.Z. Myers of Pharyngula visited this year's fair and provides a great report. For example, are a few suggested research topics:

12. Trilobites prove Noah's flood because they are curled up or not?
58. Why did God create the moon to control the tides?
72. What is God made of?
92. Why do some animals lay eggs and others bare [sic] babies alive? Why did God do it this way?
97. Why did God make birds to fly?
05.What are aliens and are there really any in our world? see Lamentations 5:2, Eph 2:12, Heb 11:34.

(via after school snack)


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