Saturday, March 11, 2006

Abortion Crimes: Death Penalty or Probation?

What should the punishment for an illegal abortion be?

Pro-lifers haven't given it much thought, at least at this demonstration. (Via Cup O' Joe)

Meanwhile, Quiddity asks whether Native American tribal lands could choose to offer abortion services alongside casino gambling - - and be exempt from state laws prohibiting abortion. According to one commenter: Maybe. But probably not in South Dakota. (Via Sideshow)

And finally, from my wife, the should-be-commentator-except-she-has-better-things-to-do - - on this article praising Target Corporation for loaning its state-of-the-art forensics lab to help police solve tough crimes:

The lab, which opened two years ago at corporate headquarters in downtown Minneapolis, has already helped more than 125 police departments nationwide solve murders, arsons, bank robberies and other violent crimes.

"They have some impressive equipment in there," said local FBI spokesman Paul McCabe, whose agency has turned to Target for help. "Many small departments do not have labs like theirs."

Target built the state-of-the-art lab to handle security at the company's 1,400-plus stores. Its in-house caseload has grown so much that it opened a second lab in Las Vegas late last year.

Good for corporate citizen Target. But shame on a society that first devotes its best technology to protecting property, not lives.


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