Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Poverty Gains Some Recruits

Emptying the archives of unsent sarcasm. Post Kristina and travel, this never got posted.

In 2004, according to a Census Bureau report published in late August, 1.1 million Americans joined the ranks of those who officially live in poverty. That means recruiting is up afterall under our war president. The total living in poverty is now 37 million, or 17% more than during Bill Clinton's second term. According to the same source, those who enjoy no health insurance gained 800,000 troops in 2004. The total number of Americans without health insurance is now nearing 46 million.

On average, we are making progress. Five percent of American households saw their incomes go up in 2004, while only a portion of the 95 percent who didn't gain lost ground.

So naturally, we are staying the course, pushing through the elimination of inheritance taxes, reduction of taxes on capital gains, deep cuts in Medicaid, food stamps, and federal student loans, and holding the line on the minimum wage.


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