Thursday, October 27, 2005

Born Born-Again?

When my pen pal Dr. Rick Scarborough isn't busy defending families of faith against activist judges, he's defending them against homosexuality:

As readers of this report know, September 15, 2005 was a black day for the pro-family movement. For the first time, the House of Representatives voted in favor of making homosexuals a protected class for civil-rights purposes.

The measure (an amendment to a popular bill to increase penalties for pedophiles) would make those who attack homosexuals (motivated by an aversion to their lifestyle) subject to federal prosecution and a harsher penalty than would be the case for victims who didn't qualify for protected status.

Currently, the federal hate-crimes law covers race, ethnicity and religion. If the disastrous amendment is enacted into law, those whose sole distinguishing characteristic is sexual behavior would be added to the mix...

Contact your Senators and tell them that individuals are born black, Hispanic and Jewish — but they are not born homosexual. Express your opposition to homosexuals being included in federal hate crimes law. For Christian conservatives, this is a make or break issue.

Excusing Dr. Rick's willful ignorance about homosexuality and accepting his criterion that you should be born a certain way to merit hate crimes protection, where does that put religion as a protected category — since born-again Christians aren't born born-again?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Charlie, some readers might be confused, perhaps failing to realize that you are quoting someone else within the middle of the blog. Different font, single space, maybe italics? Something more than the current small indent, I think. Welcome back! Jim

9:58 PM  
Blogger Charlie Quimby said...

Quoted sections are now in orange. Thanks.

9:46 AM  

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