Sunday, October 02, 2005


Tomorrow morning, I depart for two weeks in China. The laptop will stay home as we journey down the Yangtze River, and I'll rely on a journal to feed future posts.

To keep the kettle boiling, I've asked two writers (and non-bloggers) to contribute here while I'm gone. Lars Ostrom and Gus Axelson have both labored in my vineyards but have long since grown into their own. Lars and I both hail from the west, went to the same college, play music, and get grouchy about similar things. Gus edits a conservation-oriented publication and ventures places where I'd spend more time if I didn't love cities so much.

Gus and Lars. Thank god my name isn't Einar, or you'd start to get the wrong idea.

I've asked them to keep this place interesting over the next several weeks, and I'll be interested as anyone to see how it turns out.


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