Saturday, September 24, 2005

Foreign Insurgency Overstated

The Christian Science Monitor reports that "The US and Iraqi governments have vastly overstated the number of foreign fighters in Iraq, and most of them don't come from Saudi Arabia, according to a new report from the Washington-based Center for Strategic International Studies (CSIS)."

This is not coming from, folks. CSIS was a centrist-to-conservative consulting group/think tank that we tapped occasionally back in my aerospace and defense days, when we were trying to influence the Defense Department. They are not likely to come out against the U.S. line, that foreign fighters are the backbone of the insurgency, unless it truly doesn't hold up.

According to The Guardian, "While the foreign fighters may stoke the insurgency flames, they only comprise only about 4 to 10 percent of the estimated 30,000 insurgents."

By the way, this item comes from which is one of my news feeds. They're in the middle of a fund drive right now. Check them out, and see if they're worth a few of your shekels.


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