Sunday, October 02, 2005

Parallel Worlds

Just when I start thinking I'm a relatively worldly guy, I get my cultural wires crossed. As I was leaving Colorado, I discovered I'd missed the Gateway Fire Department Dynamite Shoot. For the last 40 years, they've been shooting at small targets packed with explosives (these days, pop cans). You can hit the link for the details.

Then, in a more upscale publication, I discover watch winders. For those proud owners who have more ostentatious watches than wrists, they can park them in a watch winder and not have to worry about keeping them wound.

"All of a sudden, it seems, there are a lot of watch winders on the market," the print ad intones.

Yes! That's exactly what I've been thinking. But oh, how to choose?

For only $395, you can pick up a starter module, or for the really acquisitive collector, you can buy The Fifty.

I think I'll remember this next time someone tries to tell me we're all basically the same deep down.


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