Monday, November 07, 2005

Budget Drilling

I've still got a few postlets to finish relating energy, ANWR and China. Meanwhile, it's worth remembering that the budget bill is about a whole lot more than drilling in Alaska. However, drilling is an apt metaphor for what's going on with the House as it plans tax cuts for the wealthy, budget cuts for the poor and... Well, let the New York Times editorial tell it:

That rara avis, the moderate Republican lawmaker, is suddenly in sight, forcefully objecting to the House leadership's abominable package of budget cuts for the poor and environmental licentiousness for the energy industry. The five-year, $54 billion proposal is headed for a floor vote this week disguised as an overdue act of fiscal responsibility and government savings. In truth, it is so over-the-top in its inequities and giveaways that embarrassed moderates are actually rebelling, withholding support unless some of the more outrageous measures — like despoiling the Alaska wildlife refuge with oil drilling — are killed.

You can read the whole thing via Truthout.


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