Friday, November 18, 2005

More Do. Less Spout.

I feel like I've been doing too much complaining, directly or indirectly, and that's not my nature.

How do you fix shit? That's really the American way.

There are two ways for opposing military to interact — in warfare or in discussions about how to avoid warfare.

We can exploit markets, erect trade barriers and jockey for oil. Or we can cooperate with other nations about how to make global markets work, and realize that competitors like China are even more motivated to reduce pollution than we are.

We can demonize others or invite them into our homes, our universities, our towns and our businesses. If we are truly better, we win, and if not, we learn to get better.

I've been reading These are our enemies by Mark Satin. We can read and reflect and do. Or we can spout.


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