Friday, April 29, 2005

Why Stop at Intelligent Design?

Let's compromise. We open up the science classroom to intelligent design, creationism, monotheism, voodoo and Rastafarianism. Admit witchcraft, astrology and alien abduction. The more students learn about the Demon-Haunted World, the better.

If these other systems can call into question certain holes in scientific theory, so what? Admit that science continues to evolve, with each discovery building on previous learning and even reversing previous assumptions. Use belief to discuss how assumptions are formed, proven or disproven. And if science can submit to religious skepticism, let religion submit to scientific proof. Teach kids how to design experiments and test hypotheses using this rich new material.

Whaddya say?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What belief systems are causing you to make the assumptions you do? The fact is that neither evolution or ID offers any substanital proof about the orgins of life. The "scientist" on both sides of the coin are using their assumptions to look at data that is full of holes. The fact remains that belief systems drive all people, both supporters of evolution and ID.

6:46 AM  

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