Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Only Tyrants Bat 1.000

I was looking for this short piece where I had channeled that pure white righteousness of road rage. A man works himself into a testosterone froth over another driver who cuts him off and doesn't show remorse. Fueled by his adrenaline drip, feeling himself the most fearsome and indestructible man on the planet, he wrenches the car to the shoulder, only to meet the most fearsome and indestructible man in the solar system.

In case you missed it, Florida has passed a stand your ground bill that "lets people use guns or other deadly force to defend themselves in public places without first trying to escape."

And this civilization-building bill from the same crowd who brings you the amendment to ban gay marriage. How scared and repressed do you have to be to get elected these days?

Just this week, I read about a former crack addict who had turned her life around after dodging death a number times, including once when she pulled a BB gun on a police officer "who didn't shoot only because he knew me. He'd picked me up so many times."

Good thing she confronted a cop instead of a righteous citizen on the prowl for a hooker.

I didn't find what I was looking for, but I salvaged this note.

Media and political scholar Kathleen Hall Jamieson [I believe is the source, though I couldn't find a reference for this] says that American presidents — regardless of party or mandate — only get about 60-65% of their agenda passed. Our legislative system seems designed to allow only part of any party's platform to become reality. What she doesn't explain is on what basis they filter out the other 40%.

In these dark days, when the lunatics seem to be in charge, we should take some comfort in the history of our democracy. Only tyrants bat 1.000.


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