Monday, March 20, 2006

The Disappeared

The official report on the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes, the Brazilian electrician mistaken as a terror bombing suspect, was first due at the end of 2005. Turns out a report was due, but not to the public. The Independent Police Complaints Commission completed its inquiry as scheduled on 2/24/06, but isn't talking because there could be legal action against some of the police officers. Yet another inquiry into a complaint from de Menezes' family should be complete by the end of April.

As you may remember, a great deal of conjecture and misinformation accompanied the attack. If you don't remember, here are posts immediately following the event (how not to get shot, then staying cool and seeing no evil).

Yet these non-public reports from Britain represent an avalanche of information compared to what we've heard about the death of Rigoberto Alpizar.


You remember, the Costa Rica-born American citizen who was shot at Miami International Airport by federal air marshals. He had flown from Quito, Ecuador, and was on his way to Orlando before he ran off the plane, shouting. He made it as far as the jetway.

This appears to be the first time a federal air marshal aboard a plane has fired a weapon, and an innocent American was killed. The man was apparently bipolar and distressed, but had no bomb. There were conflicting witness accounts about whether he made any claim to have a bomb, but the media quickly accepted the official version: He was innocent; he claimed to have bomb; let that be a lesson to everybody.

You can look in vain for any news accounts since Alpizar was buried back in December. It's eerie. It's not even a cover up. He just disappeared.


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