Monday, January 16, 2006

Body English and the Body Politic

It's a truism of community activism that you're mistaken if you go into the meeting where a vote will be taken thinking you can change the outcome. That's not necessarily because decision-makers' minds are closed. It's because most of the real opportunities for change have been missed or exhausted.

Smarts sports teams know this, too. A game is not won or lost on the last play. It's the team's fault for letting a football game come down to a 50-yard field goal as the clock runs out.

Observing the commentary and advocacy ads regarding Sam Alito's Supreme Court nomination is like watching fans trying to put body English on that desperation kick as it sails wide-to-the-right of the uprights.

Way too little, much too late.

We can't fault those out-of-shape Senators for running out of gas and fumbling. After all, we put them on the field and kept them there.

We continue to let ourselves get suckered into last-minute battles over nominations and abortion and gay marriage, while the right shovels through its real agenda of low wages, low taxes and low regulation to benefit the richest people in the world. Yes, the Supreme Court is important, but the President and representatives we elect are where the game has to be played — and won.


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