Saturday, January 14, 2006

Outsource Senate Hearings

This week we watched James Frey adopt the Alito "dissemble with dignity" defense with Larry King, while Sam Alito copped the Frey Plea before the Senate Judiciary Committee: "There's a piece of paper that says I did it, but I have no recollection of it."

The entrenched, self-regarding fossils across the table couldn't crack either of them.

Last summer, in a sudden flush of bipartisanship, I supported a Bush nominee for the Supreme Court. Here's another swerve across the divide — to support outsourcing government services.

Specifically, outsource advising and consenting on Supreme Court nominees to the editors of the Pony Express, the newspaper of Stillwater (MN) High School. The young journalists exposeda registered sex offender who was hanging around their school posing as British Royalty.

I'll bet the kids would've made quick work of Alito's Concerned Alumni of Princeton phantom membership. A man lists only two organizations on the application for the highest profile job in his life and later can't remember belonging to one of them? What kind of school spirit is that?


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