Sunday, December 18, 2005

Corporations Don't Contribute to Candidates, People Do

I ran into a middle of the road friend of mine who has a reasonably high-level position with a financial services company. He'd recently come from a meeting of the company's PAC, where he'd been told which candidates the PAC would be supporting. He was also told which ones he'd be making political contributions to.

And how much he should give.

The company was spreading its largesse on both parties. My friend's assignment was to write checks for Mark Kennedy's Senate campaign and Steve Kelley for governor. Perhaps other execs drew other names, so all bets are covered.

Kelley is someone he might've supported anyway, he says. But as for Mark Kennedy, "I can't stand the guy."

So what's he going to do?

In these days of campaign finance disclosure, my friend can't just pretend he wrote the check. His boss can look it up.

What would you do?


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