Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Writer's Job

A poet quoted someone about what the writer's job is.

It seemed about right to me. I wanted to give credit here, but I couldn't retrieve the quote or the source.

I need to write these things down.

Thank goodness I could google a "writer's job is".

No, that's not it. Nor that. Nor that...

If you don't find something in the first two pages or so, what's the point of digging into the other 700 citations? You're heading to the realm of "The writer's job is to write" and "A writer's job is to produce an engaging, strongly written manuscript and this requires drafting, editing, reviewing, revising and at least a couple more edits."

No poetry.

I think maybe it was "a writer's job is to speak the truth." Google that.

Your search - "a writer's job is to speak the truth" - did not match any documents.


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