Sunday, July 17, 2005

Crisis Pictures Moving Forward

If you haven't read preiously about Crisis Pictures, you can catch up here.

Up to now, Crisis Pictures has largely been a one-man band run by Trevor Davis. A recent server snafu has motivated him to make operations more robust and overhaul the site so "it lives up to its potential." The trouble also helped attract additional support, including image hosting, donations of at least $2000 and interest in a benefit concert by Jazz for Peace.

The organization has been incorporated since April, and has filed a 1023 requesting recognition of 501c3 nonprofit status, which would make all donations since April potentially tax-deductible. "When/if we are approved, we will send out an email to everyone who has donated informing them of this," Trevor says.

"We are raising money to pay for the basics we need to be a functioning organization. We need to buy several basic yet expensive software packages to handle the increased demands. We need accounting software, contacts management, fundraising/development, digital asset management, and image editing (Photoshop), among many others. Most of our needs can be met by open source solutions, but certain processes are best accomplished using commercial packages. We are taking a long term approach, looking for long term efficiencies over short term savings of a few hundred dollars.

"We need to buy at least one other basic desktop computer capable of running memory intensive graphics applications. We are trying to take advantage of the many people who want to volunteer, but we need to have somewhere for them to work. If anyone can donate equipment, that would be great."

He's also looking for volunteer help with:
• Zope/Python programming
• Database design.
• Digital Asset Mangement
• Fundraising and Development
• Communications and PR

Contact Trevor Davis:


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