Tuesday, March 29, 2005

More Takes on Red Lake

The latest sad news from Red Lake is that Tribal Chairman Floyd Jourdain's son has been charged with conspiracy in connection with the killings at the high school. If you have kids, and they're awake, get off this blog right now and spend the time with them.

Last week, I reflected on once being an outsider at Red Lake , but you'll get a much better understanding from Mark Boswell's piece about "Looking like a local, but being an outsider" while reporting on the Red Lake tragedy. It gives a good sense of the tight community and the difficulty an outsider finds when trying to impose his needs and schedule on people who live in a different world. (It also provides a not-often-seen view of a reporter doing his job, even when it may be personally uncomfortable. Liberal media, indeed!)

Then turn to a viewpoint on the story that has not yet been explored satisfactorily — the curious links between white supremacists and a troubled Native American teen. David Neiwert is a Seattle journalist who writes long and deeply on topics of extremism, hate crimes, terrorism and issues related to the Pacific Northwest. I've added him to my regular reads.


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