Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Only Thing They Understand

I'm not convinced that adding these audios has been a big hit, but since song is one of my modes of political expression, I'll continue to toss one in now and then.

This song I knocked out in one sitting based on a simple tenor guitar groove. It was written after the Koran-in-the-toilet accusations and before the Mohammed cartoon protests. Like the song "Local Boys," it adopts an extreme point of view in order to criticize extremism of all kinds. Of course, the danger of that approach is both the lefties and the rightines will think that's the writer's point of view — a song that Toby Keith would do with a straight face.

Thanks to Al VanArdsal for the arrangement that makes it sound more like a serious song. It could use a bridge and more dynamics in the recording; the performance needs more Steve Earle and less Mark Knopfler later in the vocal, but hell, it was one take.

Seem like someone should do somethin'
Don't we gotta take a stand
Can't go running out the back door
That's no way to be a man
That's no way to be a winner
Gotta show we're in command
Gotta grind 'em down to nothin'
The only thing they understand

They want a fight, they're gonna get one
They want a war, they'll get a war
We'll eye for eye and tooth for tooth 'em
Til they can't take it anymore
They can see there's no tomorrow
And there's no hope throughout the land
Except to die and get it over
The only thing they understand

I don't know why they hate our freedom
But it doesn't matter now
Cause we're rollin on our mission
To knock their cities to the ground
Knock some sense into their people
Pour their blood upon the sand
Til their women beg for mercy
The only thing they understand

In the name of all that's holy
We are marching off to war
They will hear our rolling thunder
Fear our terrible swift sword
Feel the vengeance of the righteous
Wipe our ass with their Koran
And defile their holiest places
The only thing they understand

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