Sunday, May 22, 2005

What Part of Checks and Balances Don't You Understand?

My buddy Rick Scarborough keeps sending me judicial alerts that contain riffs like this:

"I attended hearings in the U.S. Senate last year. Senators opposed to the FMA [Federal Marriage Amendment] repeatedly wrapped themselves in the cloak of states’ rights — insisting that citizens of a state should be allowed to determine the definition of marriage for themselves. Well, 70% of Nebraska voters did just that, and one federal judge overturned their decision. If that doesn’t prove the need for a Federal Marriage Amendment, I don’t know what does."

[Yes, I can see your problem, now. You really don't know why a judge should be able to overturn a decision that's wrong, no matter how many support it.]

"There’s a growing consensus for judicial reform, including impeachment of judges who can’t resist the urge to play legislators. Judge Bataillon [the offending Nebraska judge] would be a great place to start."

The growing consensus, of course, is made up of people who are bit vague on the respective roles of the branches of government. Crazed opinion holders like the following commenters to a post on the Conservative Tymes [Note the inevitable banner ads.]

"Another judicial traitor to the US joins the ranks of his Commie brothers and sisters."
— Proud Texas

"The Dems and their judges and ACLU have already drawn their lines in the sand against the American people. This is just another example. If we can't do anything to stop them from usurping our rights as citizens, another civil war will be unavoidable. Maybe that's what they want. If they ever get back into power, they can declare Martial law against us!"
— Anonymous

"As you can see, we are racing against time. If we are able, as we hope, to turn the tables on them and thwart their plan, this will be good. If the other scenario happens — and we seek refuge in God — and the government extends its control over the country, we will have to pack our bags and break camp for another land in which we can resume carrying the banner or in which God will choose us as martyrs for his sake."

— Abu Musab al-Zarqawi

... Oh, wait, that last one was on another fundamentalist site.

My younger brother retired a year ago after teaching American Government in high school for about 30 years. I'm beginning to see why he might not have been feeling fulfilled of late.


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