Thursday, February 02, 2006

Road to Recovery

Bush's comments about oil in the State of the Union were less like an addict admitting a drug problem and more like an addict resolving to find a dealer who lives in a better neighborhood.

Predictably, even this vacuous and patently dishonest appraisal of our energy problems was too much for the oil industry to take. The administration has already backed off the statement.

As with every grand political pronouncement, don't listen to the words -- focus on the actions. In addition to refusing to promote tighter fuel efficiency standards or higher gasoline taxes or an alternative energy Apollo Program, this administration pushes hard to drill in ANWR, crafts energy policy to benefit large oil companies and scoffs at conservation.

And today we learn the Energy Department will begin laying off researchers at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory because of budget cuts. According to an item at daily kos, a veteran researcher said the cuts will be concentrated among researchers in wind and biomass, which includes ethanol.


Blogger Charlie Quimby said...

Lars contributed this post, which I hadn't seen when I posted "switchgrass" last night. Shows we're on the same wavelength.

But Blogger gave me credit for posting both. We'll have to figure out how to correct that when we both post on the same day — and especially on the same topic!

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