Friday, November 11, 2005

Blame Gaming

As this administration lurches into the beginning of the end, it’s important to remember who to blame for the whole sad, sordid tale: Gary Hart. Specifically, I blame Gary Hart’s libido.

Consider this hypothetical: Gary Hart — who has since proven himself an eloquent and erudite scholar of homeland security — does not cavort on the impossibly named Monkey Business. He secures the Democratic nomination in 1988, sparing our collective consciousness the trauma of Michael Dukakis driving a tank. Bush the elder, instead of ascending to the presidency, retires to relative obscurity. The Bush family’s political influence wanes. Hart is re-elected in 1992. Bush the younger scrapes up enough political capital to run for governor of Texas in 1994. Even if he wins and winds up on the GOP ticket in 2000, he gets walloped by Bill Clinton, who, of course, rose to the fore in 1996.

Improbable, yes, but not impossible. And definitely preferable to this T-minus-three-years-and-counting debacle.


Blogger troutsky said...

Arent counter factuals wonderful? Had I been born a Walton...

1:16 PM  

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